Saturday, March 5, 2011


So the walls are down and the pole supports are up. The bobcats have been digging away and the floors are partially mud. The concrete in the parking lot is beginning to be cut, and you can see outlines of our patio, bocce court and two big holes where our parking lot trees will find their homes.

In the meantime we are shopping for used equipment, making a website, searching for vendors, and getting very very excited.

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  1. Hello Jessica! Congrats on the progress, the building it coming along great. My name is Jim Hildreth and I am the Downtown Athens Territory Manager for US Foodservice. I am very interested in talking to you about some products and services we have available for your cafe. Please give me a call at 404-667-9605 at your convenience. I would love to work with you to find locally sourced items that we stock, as well as some of the necessary items you may need such as paper goods and disposables. Thanks for your time.